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Join me as I explore best practices for supercharging writing lives and author careers. With an emphasis on manifestation and mindset, you’ll learn actionable steps to overcome writer’s block and imposter syndrome, get your butt in the chair and your stories written, while setting aside your ‘starving artist’ mentality, and so much more!

Listen as I share my own successes and failures, and enjoy interviews from authors and industry experts who are on the journey of creating lives they love around their writing.

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#63 – From Journalist to Novelist in New Zealand with Kelley Tantau

#62 – Writing Book Blurbs with Jessie Cunniffe

#61 – AI Enhanced Plotting & Selling Direct with Carissa Andrews

#60 – Writing in the Real Moments & Imposter Syndrome

#59 – Writing Retreats & Story Intimacy with David Rocklin

#58 – Author Alignment & the Enneagram with Claire Taylor

#57 – Behind the Scenes of Hades’s Haunt

#56 – Spirits, Past-lives, Hypnosis & Writing with Tammy Tyree

#55 – Write to Riches with Renee Rose

#54 – Overcoming Overwhelm as an Indie Author

#53 – Writing a Book with Emma Dhesi

#52 – Making a Living as an Author with Troy Lambert

#51 – Connection, Optimism, & Publishing with Mark Leslie Lefebvre

#50 – Storytelling with David Rocklin

#49 – When Writers Don’t Write

#48 – Writing Mysteries with Amy S. Peele

Bonus Episode – Millionaire Author Manifestation with Carissa Andrews

#47 – Plotting with Plottr with Troy Lambert

#46 – The Big Game Special: Marketing Books & NFL Espionage with Kevin Bryant

#45 – Taking a Chance with Kelly Kaur

#44 – Twenty Things I Learned in 2022

#43 – Eco-Happiness for Writers with Sandi Schwartz

#42 – My Top 8 Manifestation Must-Haves

#41 – Living a Happy Author Life with Julie Leonard

#40 – Writing a Memoir with Repeatedly Dead Fred

#39 – Pitching to Publications with Rebecca L. Weber

#38 – Courses to Supercharge Your Author Life

#37 – Daily Habits & Amazon Ads with Michal Stawicki

#36 – Halloween Special: Why I Write Ghost Stories

#35 – Why You Should Do NaNoWriMo

#34 – Transformational Writing with Nadia Krauss

#33 – Physical Alignment for Manifestation Success with Sara Garofalo

#32 – Writing, Vella, Query Letters & Ghosts with Brandon J. Greer

#31 – All Things Editing with Hannah Sullivan

#30 – What Writing A Book Has Taught Me

#29 – Bestseller Launches Made Simple with Emee Estacio

#28 – Ego and the Writer with Becky Paroz

#27 – Is It Time To Quit Writing?

#26 – Healing With Memoir with Yvonne Caputo

#25 – Integrity and Your Author Life

#24 – Mindset to Maximize Your Author Career with Spencer Jones

#23 – Publishing Children’s Books in Multiple Languages with Marie Robert

#22 – Whatever It Takes: Traditionally Publishing Non-Fiction with Kevin Bryant

#21 – Harnessing The Power Of Your Future Self

#20 – Intuition and Success for Authors with Becca Syme

#19 – Overcoming Mindset Barriers to Success

#18 – Mid Year Musings

#17 – Navigating Indie Publishing with Jennifer Martain

#16 – Millionaire Author Mindset with Carissa Andrews

#15 – Creating Time to Write

#14 – Writing Hacks for ADHD with Monica Hay

#13 – Manifestation & Mindset for Authors with Monica Hay

#12 – Publishing & Marketing a Children’s Book with Susie Miles

#11 – Reframing The Day Job For Writing Success

#10 – What You Write Matters with Sandy Cohen

#9 – Self-Compassion, Mindset & Mindfulness with Heather McMahon

#8 – Manifesting My First Book

#7 – Healing Through Writing with Elizabeth Krause

#6 – Writing With Spirit with Jacques Von Kat

#5 – Moving Through Beginner Blues

#4 – Banish Imposter Syndrome with Emma Dhesi

#3 – Find Your Cheerleaders

#2 – From Model to Author with Jackie Amsden

#1 – Finding Your Writing Why