Hi there, I’m Jo Buer. I’m a gothic suspense and paranormal cozy author. You can read a bit about me below.

In Brief

Jo Buer is a sucker for the supernatural, time travel, and all things woo-woo. From an early age she came to realise that sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, and that what we know isn’t always true.

She lives in an ordinary house in an ordinary town with her muggle hubby, and feline familiars, Atlas, Gaia, Zeus and Hades.

When not doting on her cats, devouring self-help books or gorging on chocolate, she writes slightly dark, sometimes scary, often ghostly stories with a smattering of romance.

A little more info…

Jo Buer has a Masters Degree in Teaching and Learning, and a Bachelor of Arts in History and English with a specialization in Creative Writing.

You can connect with her on social media or subscribe to her newsletter for book and writing updates.