Bonus Episode: Millionaire Author Manifestation with Carissa Andrews

Welcome to this bonus episode of Alchemy for Authors!

In this week’s episode I talk with best-selling author, CEO of Author Revolution, and Millionaire Author Coach, Carissa Andrews, about her upcoming FREE Abundant Author Activation Masterclass and her Millionaire Author Manifestation Course.

If you’re ready to transform your relationship with money, upgrade your mindset and manifest your dream author career, then listen to Carissa explain how she can help you do this.

Join Carissa on Monday 20th February CDT for her FREE 90-minute Abundant Author Activation Masterclass. She will be sharing 5 principles to reset your money mentality and lock-in the frequency of abundance. She’ll also be joined by Board Certified Hypnotherapist, Tammy Tyree, who will lead a group hypnotherapy session to intentionally activate the abundant author in you.

And if you really want to make 2023 your most abundant author year yet, join Carissa’s Millionaire Author Manifestation Course – a 12-week, hands-on manifestation course for authors. Throughout the course you’ll get trainings on rewiring your brain for abundance, harnessing the Law of Attraction to supercharge your author career, and learn how to create your Millionaire Author Persona. You’ll get exclusive access to the Millionaire Author Squad community, group hypnotherapy sessions lead by Tammy, meditations, and enjoy weekly LIVE Zoom group coaching calls. 

What’s more – I’ll be doing it alongside you!

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Find the full transcript of this episode below.

Bonus Episode: Millionaire Author Manifestation with Carissa Andrews

Jo: Hello, my lovelies. Welcome back to this extra little bonus in-betweeny episode of Alchemy for Authors.

I wanted to do this episode because my wonderful friend, Carissa Andrews, is launching an amazing course in the next little while that I really, really don’t want you to miss out on. Now you might remember Carissa from a previous episode of Alchemy for Authors, Episode 16 on the millionaire author mindset.

Carissa is an award-winning and internationally best-selling indie author with more than 20 published books. She’s the CEO of Author Revolution, an online academy dedicated to helping indie authors become publishing powerhouses. And Carissa is also the host of the wonderful Author Revolution Podcast, that you should definitely go check out if you haven’t already. And Carissa is also a Millionaire Author Coach.

So if you’ve tuned into some of my other episodes, you’ll know that I’ve already invested in a few of Carissa’s courses over the years to help me on my writing and publication journey. Now I was also really lucky enough to be a part of the beta cohort for her Millionaire Author Manifestation Course that Carissa will be talking about today. So I got to see behind the scenes of this course and oh my gosh, she has just revamped the entire thing, making it just mind-blowingly awesome. I didn’t want you to miss out on the opportunity of hearing from Carissa how this course could be potentially life-changing to you and your author career. So I was really, really fortunate that Carissa was able to make some space in her day for me, and come onto the show so she could share a little bit about her amazing offerings that she has coming up here.

So, if you are serious about up-levelling your mindset and creating an author life that you really love, that brings out the best in you, that is ticking all those boxes of those goals that you want to meet, and if you recognize the power of mindset and manifestation to amplify you reaching these goals, and helping you along the way, then make sure you have a notebook beside you, you can take some notes, and your ready to sign up to her wonderful offerings at the end of the show.

So Carissa is going to share details about her FREE, yes it is FREE, 90 minute Abundant Author Activation Masterclass, which is actually happening tomorrow. So you need to get in quick and sign up for this. And, the thing that I’m really excited about, is she’s also going to be talking about her Millionaire Author Manifestation Course which is going to be going live on the 27th of February. So not long.

Now don’t be put off by the words millionaire author. Carissa, will talk a little bit more about that in this episode. Maybe you’re one of these people with the idea of being a millionaire author actually makes you feel a little bit icky because you’re not yet ready for that, and you’d just be happy to be able to pay some bills or make enough to live on with your writing. Then this course that Carissa is going to be talking about is still going to meet your needs. All right? So, and she’ll talk about that more in this episode.

So I am so excited to welcome Carissa onto the show. The program that she’s going to be talking about has the power to transform not only your author life, your author career, but also you and your life too. So when you are ready, my friend, grab a drink, find a comfy chair, sit back and enjoy the show.

So welcome back, Carissa. I am so excited to have you here. Last time you were on the show was back in May, June, I think, 2022, where I had you on to talk about the millionaire author mindset and manifestation. But now I wanted you back because you’ve got some really exciting things happening real soon here that I think my Alchemy for Authors audience are just going to love. So welcome.

Carissa: Thank you. Thank you. I’m so excited to be here again. It hasn’t been that long already. It doesn’t feel like that. Oh my gosh.

Jo: It goes fast.

Carissa: That’s craziness. Yeah, it does. Yeah. Holy moly.

Jo: So, talk a little bit about some of these exciting things that, that you’ve got going on in the next little while.

Carissa: Sure. Well, the biggest thing, it’s been kind of fun and crazy. I’ve been putting in the back end of things since we last spoke, um, a massive course for authors who want to learn more about abundance mindset, who want to learn more about manifesting their millionaire author destinies. And that’s a very deliberate term. I think we might have talked about it the last time we were, we were speaking together and um, I’m kicking it all off with a huge masterclass is starting on Monday the 20th of February. So it starts at 1:00 PM Central Standard US time. I’m very excited about that.

We are gonna be going over the five mindset shifts that people need to make in order to really start bringing in more abundance with their author careers, with just abundance in general. So it’s called the Abundant Author Activation. I can’t remember if I had mentioned that, but it’s gonna be great. And we have my friend and board certified Hypnotherapist certified. Yeah, board certified. Clinical hypnotherapist. There’s the word I was missing, Tammy Tyree. She’s coming in and she’s helping us where we are gonna do a group hypnosis session at the end to really activate and embed the abundance mindset into our subconscious so that we can kind of start moving more unconsciously into the conscious mind, uh, with the abundance mindset. So I’m really excited about it.

Jo: Ah, it sounds so fun. And I love that idea of bringing hypnotist on board to do this, to help pave that way and get rid of some of those blockages and that. So can you just tell us a little bit, how important is that mindset when it comes for us having that abundant author lifestyle? Like what does it matter where our thoughts on money are?

Carissa: Sure. Well, for indie authors, I don’t know if it’s, you know, all indie authors. I think some of ’em probably come in with the mindset that, hey, I can conquer the world. But I think there’s a lot of us who, you know, our, our artwork, which is in the form of words, it’s like an extension of ourselves. And so we are very vulnerable putting it out into the world and then asking for money for it. And so, you know, a lot of artists have the stigma about the, you know, artists that are starving artists and we are no different, you know, writers are no different. And so we, we kind of come into this whole thing thinking oftentimes we’re not gonna earn a lot of money from what we do, or it’s gonna take a lot of hard work, or it’s gonna take us doing something that maybe we don’t wanna actually be doing when in actuality, you are always the creator of your reality. You are the person who gets to decide how your author career looks for you, how money gets to look for you, how it gets to work for you.

And we’re doing it all the time, often subconsciously. And that’s why bringing Tammy Tyree in is, is gonna be so key with the Millionaire Author Manifestation course. And then also with the, Abundant Author Activation, we sometimes get in our own way and we don’t even realize we’re doing it. And so, we want to open that up so we understand that it’s okay to pull in abundance. It’s okay to receive money for the things that you’re putting out into the world that are, you know, your babies, your creations. And it’s okay to receive just in general, whether it be through your books or just throughout the rest of your life through many different ways, so, yeah.

Jo: Oh, that’s amazing. That whole concept of getting rid of those blocks and opening yourself up to all that goodness and that potential and that abundance that is out there, I think that is so key because we’re doing a disservice to ourselves and to our gifts and to our readers as well if we’re, we’re not getting our work out there in the world into their hands and getting that compensation as well. That’s absolutely so important.

Carissa: Yeah, it is. And when you think about it as artists, we need a lot of space. We need a lot of space to observe the world, to have experiences to, you know, almost kind of extrapolate all the information that we’re receiving, whether they be downloads of creative, uh, forces from the universe, whether it be just us stewing about the things that we’re trying to create in our books, in our other creations. And you can’t do that without money. Unfortunately, in our society right now, money is a necessity In order to do that, mm-hmm, in order to create space, money is needed. And so as soon as we can get clearer on our why for bringing in more money and be accepting of it, coming into our world, we realize that it’s okay to have money. It’s okay to be a good person and have money. It’s okay to create the things we wanna create and get money from it, and, and it allows us to create more flow, more abundance in the writing side of it as well. And more creativity can flow through us because we are giving back to ourselves in the way that we really need to because we need to take care of that part of ourselves, you know?

Jo: Absolutely. Absolutely. And I think a lot of us that are drawn to this author path as well, this is a real soul passion for us, and that lack of money can hold us back in so many ways, whether it’s because you’ve got to sacrifice some of the time that you would normally use for your writing, and that with like a day job, or you can’t get the covers you want or the editing you want or you’re, you just feel a little bit held back maybe with the marketing or something because you don’t have that income coming in. And so we need to allow ourselves that freedom to really you know, do the thing that we love by giving ourselves that gift of allowing abundance to come into our lives. I think that’s so important.

Carissa: Absolutely. I don’t know about you, but have you ever tried to write a really good, let’s say even a romantic scene, let’s say it’s a romantic book, and you are stressed about money? Good luck. Yeah, you can’t, you can get the words to come out the way that they need to come out when you’re not feeling safe and secure in your own house, in the, in your money. And as soon as we can get clear on the fact that money is not dirty, it’s not bad, it’s not wrong, money is just abundance flowing through us. Whether it be, you know, in and then back out, because sometimes that happens, or whether it be coming in, growing and expanding within our, our budgets and our, you know, savings accounts or whatever, all of those things are okay. But when you feel secure and you feel safe with all of that stuff, we can then actually kind of go up the chakra system all the way up to the higher self, to those, uh, places where creativity and abundance come, because those lower levels of desire that we have to have in place where we feel secure are taken, those needs are met. And it’s so important. I mean, it, it extends far beyond just like creativity obviously, but it’s so, it’s so key to start looking at money differently and to start bringing more abundance in so that you can be the ultimate author that you really wanna be.

Jo: Absolutely, because that’s that whole we, well, most of us I think, we create better when we are feeling more joy in our lives when we’re happier. Just exactly what you said. When we’re feeling safe and taken care of, when there’s that anxiety or that panic, because how are we gonna pay the bills? That’s gonna stifle us in so many ways and we’re not be able to put in our best into our creative work, let alone be the best version of ourselves because, yeah, yeah, absolutely, we’re not kinda living in that joy. And so that’s why this, uh, Abundant Author Activation Masterclass is just absolutely fantastic. I’m so excited for this. When this little episode here goes out, people will still have the opportunity, I think they’ll, you know, it’ll be the day after that this masterclass will be happening. Now, what happens if they’re like me and they may be living on the other side of the world and day jobs or time differences or something’s going to conflict with attending that live masterclass. Are they able to sign up and is there a replay or something like that?

Carissa: They’ll be able to sign up for sure, obviously. Mm-hmm. And when they do sign up, there’ll be a couple of emails going out. There’s an a couple of options, so there’s actually like three different options. The, the first one being that they can, you know, obviously come to the class live. We are limited to a hundred of participants and right now we have about 500 people who are signed up. So good problems, first world problems, but I’m like, okay. But, um, so obviously you can either attend, but there is an upgrade option, which is a fabulous option to get the replay forever. You get lifetime access to the replay, but you also get three meditations. One is exclusive. Two, the Abundant Author Activation upgrade solely, so it’s not available anywhere else. Two of them are gonna be inside of the Millionaire Author Manifestation course. And then there’s a, an exclusive hypnotherapy session. that it has been pre-recorded by Tammy as well. Um, there’s also an option to be able to get the, like if you’re a journal person, you can download the PDFs that can go along with it to get some journaling, and guided, guided inner work done. So you could do it that way. But when the, the big course launches, which is actually gonna be happening right after the masterclass, it’s gonna be kind of paired with it. The Millionaire Author Manifestation course for the first two days, if you join before February 22nd, you can actually get the Abundant Author activation and all of the, um, meditations and stuff that goes with it for free. So that’s the third option. But yeah, there’s a lot, lots of ways to be able to get in it, and, and enjoy it. It’s a lot of fun. And if you do sign up for the live version and you can’t make it, you actually, for the, I think for the next couple of days, you’re gonna get it for $20 off. So instead of it being $47, it’s 27.

Jo: Fantastic. Oh, that’s awesome. That’s so cool. I’m going to try my best, but it’s just kinda wriggling it around the day job and seeing what I can do.

Carissa: I completely understand.

Jo: Yes, I do wanna be there. But what I’m really excited for you to, like, I’m excited about that, but what I’m really excited for you to share with my audience, is what you called the big course, the Millionaire Author Manifestation course. Cuz this is a biggie and this is just amazing and I want everybody who is listening to this who is an author and is open to that concept of manifestation and creating your dream author life to really consider this course. So can you tell us a little bit about that?

Carissa: Absolutely. So this course has been definitely a work in progress for about a year now. We had a beta launch last summer, and I got some great feedback. So it went from being an eight week course where we’re teaching all of the, the information, to 12 weeks. Don’t, don’t freak out. It’s not four more weeks of content. It’s actually four more weeks of implementation. So you’ve got some breathing room. And the course actually is a live cohort, so everybody is attending the class each week together. So we, we go through week one together, and at the end of the week we have a live zoom call where everybody comes into the classroom, basically. Bring any questions, bring any concepts together. We’re gonna join as a group, get, get to know each other as a group, and then at the end of the Q and a or the coaching call, if that’s what you wanna call it, we’re also gonna have a live hypnotherapy session with Tammy, so it’s in addition to all of the, the recorded, pre-recorded self-hypnosis sessions she has included into the course along with my meditations, um, she’s doing it live too. So it’s gonna be just all the more fun just to kinda get the live feel of it. And she helps work through like anything that’s coming up along with the blocks and, and things that we’re already talking about inside the course. So there are a bunch of modules. There’s lots of things to learn. There’s lots of downloads. There’s lots of meditations. There is, uh, affirmation cards you can download. There’s all sorts of things in this course, but it’s just one of those amazing experiences where you get to join for 12 weeks together with the same group of people. We’re gonna learn about this course, learn about the content, and have so much fun becoming the next level author version of ourselves.

Jo: Yeah, amazing. Amazing. It is just so cool. Now the title itself, Millionaire Author Manifestation. So what is your goal for people that decide to participate in this course? What can they expect because, you know, we’ve, we’ve gotta be somewhat realistic, they’re not going to end the 12 weeks and they’ll all be millionaire authors, right?

Carissa: Some may be though, you never know.

Jo: Well, there we are. I, I’m not saying they’re not, but I, you know, I just wanna say that, I mean, cuz you, you’d have to be charging a lot more if that was the case than everybody was leaving this as a millionaire author.

Carissa: Right? Right?

Jo: What can people expect to get out of this course that’s gonna help them with their author journeys?

Carissa: Absolutely. Well, the main reason I chose Millionaire Author Manifestation, was that I wanted the knee jerk reaction that people tend to do when you say, let’s, let’s manifest a Millionaire Author Destiny. Because what I was finding when I was kind of playing around with names was people were going, millionaire author, Ooh. That gives me anxiety. Like I can’t do that. And I wanted to challenge that head on. I wanted to come at it from this perspective of, okay, that’s where your limiting belief is keeping you stuck. We need to start shifting that mindset towards abundance. And you can’t do that by going, oh my gosh, that’s, I’ll never hit that, or I’ll never be able to, I’ll… anytime you start like shifting into that, that’s nice, but that’s not my, like I’ll never. You, you’ve shifted into a negative mindset or into a limiting belief. And so the goal here is really to start looking towards the things that we’re wanting to achieve, the things that we’re trying to bring in. And the Millionaire Author Destiny. Whether you hit that or not, whether you actually get to that point or not, it’s up to you. It’s up to your mindset, your goals, your decision, your deliberate desire and intent to create the life of your dreams. There are gonna be people who attend the course that that’s not their ultimate goal. They just wanna have a comfortable living, and that’s okay. So they’re gonna set a different goal. Maybe something that’s a little bit less, but there are gonna be some like myself, where I am reaching towards that millionaire author goal. That is my ultimate destiny. And so for me, as I sit here trying to bring that into my reality, I’m surrounded by things that tell me millionaire author everywhere.

So I have a course Millionaire Author. I have a Millionaire Author Challenge. I have a screensaver on my phone that says I’m a Millionaire. I have things all over the place where that is reminding my subconscious that that’s my goal and that’s what I’m working towards. And in the course we’re teaching a lot about how you’re trying to create your ultimate career, and you have to decide for yourself what that looks like. And if it’s a millionaire author destiny, then we start creating that plan. It’s like any other manifestation.

If you wanted to have, let’s say, burgers for dinner, right. If you want burgers, you have to make that decision first. And if you go to your fridge and you don’t have, you know, burger buns or something, you gotta decide, okay, am I gonna use sandwich bread for my burger bun, or am I going to eat it without a bun? Or do I go to the store and get a bun? Or do I have something completely different? And if you want that millionaire author destiny, it’s up to you to make that decision first deliberately and then to start creating the circumstances that surround you, that help you lock in the vibe of that already being yours, that it already being the thing that’s coming to you. And as you get more used to that idea, that notion, and you create those support systems that help you to get there, it has no choice but to show up. It’s like, whether or not you have that burger for dinner, you decide what you want and then you decide is it worth holding the vibe knowing that it’s yours. So you can have it whatever way that you want, whatever shape it gets to look like. Or you could just go get the burger buns and then it’s yours. Or you could change it completely and decide it’s not for you, but that’s always up to you and your deliberate decision.

Jo: I love that. I think you have just simplified the whole concept of manifestation so well there, about creating the opportunity in our life and the space in our life and the thought patterns and everything to bring into reality what it is that we want to create. Because I think sometimes people can get turned off with the concept of manifestation, that it’s all like wishful thinking and then like a magic genie your wishes appear or something. And it’s not about that at all. Like you were saying, it’s about creating that perfect environment to actually. Decide what we want and then be receptive to those opportunities as they come to us, and yeah, and actually allow that into our lives. And then, it’s inevitable, right?

Carissa: Absolutely. Well, think about it like when you were leaving high school and you went, okay, what’s next? You made a decision to like stay in your town and get a job, or you made the decision to leave your, your hometown and go to college. All of those things were desires and decisions that had to be made, and it became reality as you made the decision. It can’t come to you unless you decide what you want and you start moving towards that decision.

Maybe you wanted a new car because your old car’s breaking down, so you’ve made the decision. Now you start shopping for the car, you start looking at, you know, banks to be able to finance it. You start doing all the things that get it in place, and eventually you’re driving that new car. That’s all a manifestation is. It’s just deciding, locking it in until it’s sitting in your driveway. So it’s, it’s very simple, but we get, we get into our heads a little bit too much and think it’s more woo than it actually is. We’re, we’re manifesting things every day, all day long.

Jo: I a hundred percent agree with you. Like everything that has created, everything that’s, um, you know, on our desks right now as we’re talking to each other, was a thought in somebody’s brain originally, right? Somebody had this thought and then they went out and then they, they made it. They created that opportunity to put all the pieces together to make those things, whether it’s the lamp or the laptop or the book or, or the pencil, whatever. But it all starts in the mind as a thought, a creative thought. And then it’s just getting rid of all that garbage that kind of builds up in our minds and stops us from taking that action and that, to make it a reality. And that’s what manifestation is. I love it.

Carissa: Absolutely. Like in the burger instance, if you decided that the, the hurdle of having burger buns was too great, like going to the store was too terrible, and the idea of having bread as a bun was not gonna work for you, you would make a different decision, right? That would, those would be considered blocks in your manifestation and you either decide to keep going, push through it and make it happen anyway. Or you choose not to. It becomes another choice.

Jo: Fantastic. Love it. So who is this course for? Because it’s not for every author out there, right? Like some people it is just not gonna be their vibe. So how do you know if this is something that you should consider?

Carissa: Absolutely. Okay. So for me the people I feel are most aligned, and the people who I’m trying to call into this course, are people who love manifestation or the thought of it, or at least somewhat curious as to what this is. They’re obviously authors because this is what the, the course is actually for. So indie authors who want to come in, or traditionally published authors, that’d be fine too. Nothing in the course is specific to just indie authorship. It’s more about like the, the mindset work that we need to go through.

I’m a Reiki Master, so if you like energy work, if you like talking more about things from a universal perspective, or a mindset perspective, and being able to shift from a place of lack to a place of abundance. If that’s interesting to you, then this is definitely a course that you’re gonna wanna look at. If you’ve ever looked at or even have taken courses like Denise Duffield Thomas’s Money Bootcamp, or Amanda Francis’s Money Mentality Makeover, like they’re wonderful courses, but they’re not geared for indie authors. They’re geared for people who just want their mindset changed.

And so if you’re looking for something that has both, where it’s an indie author or author based manifestation course, this is the one for you. Because we’re gonna go through everything from shifting your mindset, like these are the principles you need to lock into place first. And as we move forward holding those principles in place, then you know that the rest of these things can lock in as well. We’re gonna go through creating a different persona, a millionaire author persona for you. We’re gonna talk about what your author career gets to look like. Designing it, specifically designing it for you. We’re gonna release money blocks. We’re gonna talk about why blocks aren’t actually that big of a deal. I personally, I don’t think blocks are as big of a deal as we often make them out to be because that’s just my mindset. But we, we go into a lot of like how to get past like our own stuff, our own resistance in order to bring in better feeling thoughts and how to shift when things aren’t feeling like it’s working. So there’s so much. There’s so much in this course. It’s just gonna be a lot of fun. So if any of that stuff sounds cool to you, this is your course. Come in my friend. I welcome you in.

Jo: I love it. I love it. And yeah, it’s just so exciting. Like it really is. I’ve seen behind the scenes of it and it really is so full of so much goodness. And now you’ve added in all these extra things of the, uh, meditations and the hypnotherapy sessions and everything like that, and the implementation weeks, so we’re not overwhelmed. Because we all know as indie authors or authors, we’re people and Yes. So yeah. So this is just so much goodness. And even just for that community, you’ve got this fantastic community of other authors also wanting similar things, right? Who want to just live their best author lives. And so you’ve got the support of them as well. And yeah, it, it’s fantastic. It’s so cool.

Carissa: It has been so much fun. And the beta group who is in there, there’s so many of them that are gonna be joining us again because they enjoyed the first time around, or some of ’em who weren’t able to finish the course fully in the way that they wanted to because let’s face it, it was right over like the start of school. So a lot of them are coming back through again. And so it’s gonna be so much fun. It’s gonna be one of those types of courses where if you are just looking for, even like you said, that community of people who are not only gonna get you because you’re an author, but they’re gonna get you because they like this type of thing too. It’s, it’s definitely gonna be an absolute blast. Especially when we get on those weekly Zoom calls and we’re doing our, our chats together. It’s, when we did the beta launch, that was something that everyone was like, those have to stay weekly calls. And so we will be doing those obviously, and then when the 12 weeks is up, we will be going to monthly calls. And you get those for life and you get access every time we launch the cohort each year. So if you wanted to join again next year, you can join again next year. So it, it’s just gonna keep, keep growing.

Jo: It’s amazing. I love it and I am definitely making this commitment. I’m going to be there. I may not be able to make all the calls just because of the wonky time difference thing over here in this part of the world, but I’m, I’m, I’m gonna be there and I’ll be there in the Millionaire Authors Squad community and everything too, which I think is so cool. Yay. Yay. So, any last kind of things you wanna share with my audience about this awesome opportunity?

Carissa: Yeah. You mentioned one good thing that I didn’t even think to mention. Um, so those who are looking at joining, other than obviously getting the calls that are coming in, uh, each week, you can join us for, for those live Zoom calls. But we also have, as a bonus to everyone, so whether you joined in the early pre-launch part of it and you got the extra bonuses or not, you’re gonna also have access to the Facebook. It’s not Facebook. Scratch that. You’ll have access to the Millionaire Author Squad community, which is not on Facebook. It’s actually inside of the, the course system. So it’s its own separate thing. We are there by ourselves. We, we do our own thing. You don’t have to have Facebook. There is no, like any of that stuff. And so that’s always, it doesn’t matter when you come in, that’s a support system. That’s part of the, the whole bonus of joining this group.

But if you do get in there before February 22nd, which is US time, by the way, then you’re, you’re gonna have the extra bonuses of the Abundant Author Activation. So all of that stuff is gonna be in there. And you’ll also get the Millionaire Author Challenge as part of it as well. And that’s a four day challenge that we launched last year. It kind of is, in my mind, an introduction to manifestation where people can really get the grasp of like the decide the lock in and then the take inspired action side of things. And so you’ll also have that access and you’ll, it’s, I don’t even know, it’s such a complementary pair when it comes to the course.

Jo: It is, it really is. I did that challenge and it really, really is, and it’s a really good way to kind of dip your feet in the water a little bit and get yourselves ready for all the meaty goodness that’s coming at you in the Yeah, in this- absolutely -four, 12 week course, which is so cool.

So how can people find you and find the Millionaire Author Manifestation Course and sign up for the Abundant Author Activation Masterclass as well?

Carissa: Sure. For the Abundant Author Masterclass, all they have to do is head over to and you’ll be able to get access to it right there. And if you’re looking at the manifestation course, then it would be There we go. Let’s try that again. .

Jo: Fantastic. Oh, that’s so cool, and I’m so excited to join you and be back in this as well. This is gonna be so much fun. So thank you so much. We’ll talk again soon. Yay. Wishing you all the best for this amazing masterclass and course coming up.

Thank you so much. I appreciate it, Jo.

Jo: So there we have it, my friends. And if you are ready to transform your mindset and manifest your dream author life, then I really do encourage you to sign up to Carissa’s FREE Abundant Author Activation Masterclass. If you can. If you are able to in time. And more importantly, because this course is going to blow your mind, but make sure that you sign up to her Millionaire Author Manifestation Course.

Now, I do a lot of courses. I love learning and I’ve seen some good ones. I’ve seen some not so good ones out there. But what I have seen is there is nothing that I have come across that is anything like the Millionaire Author Manifestation course that Carissa is offering. There is nothing like that specifically tailored for authors, which is what really makes this course that much different, and in alignment with what I’m really trying to create here with Alchemy for Authors, with this podcast. I really want people to embrace the power of mindset and manifestation to live lives that they’re really, really passionate about through their writing.

Now because I am so passionate about this course, like I said in the intro here, I was one of the beta testers for it, I am an affiliate. So being an affiliate simply means that I really do stand by this course. So if you purchase via my links, which will be in the show notes here, I get a bit of a kickback at no extra cost to you. So think of it as supporting my creative endeavors so that I too can do what we’re all called to do, which is share our words with the world. And I really, really do stand by this course. I wouldn’t be an affiliate for, or advocate for anything that I didn’t fully stand behind. Now the other cool thing is, or I think it’s cool, is that I am going to be there with you if you sign up. So, although some of the live zoom calls are going to be a bit tricky for me to make simply because they conflict a little bit with when I’m working at the day job, you will see me there on the community page, doing the work with you. So we can cheer each other on, you can reach out to me. And yeah, it’s really cool. We’ll be building a really fantastic community together. So it is going to be so magical, my friend.

So next week there will be a full episode of Alchemy for Authors. And I’ve got another fantastic guest who will be on that episode. But in the meantime, I really do hope that you will join me in the Millionaire Author Manifestation Course. I hope to see you on the inside. And let’s just make this our year. Let’s make 2023 the year that our author dreams become a reality.

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