Episode 55: Write to Riches with Renee Rose

Welcome back to Alchemy for Authors!

In this episode, I chat with 7-figure, bestselling author Renee Rose about her book Write to Riches, and how to utilise the power of Manifestation and the Law of Attraction to create a successful and abundant author career.

Other things we discuss on this episode include:

  • How Fifty Shades of Grey gave Renee’s author career wings.
  • Why loving your books could be the secret ingredient to your success.
  • How to let go of money wounds, money blocks, and limiting beliefs.
  • Why your manifestations may not be working.
  • How to better tune into your intuition.
  • And the power of the Millionaire Orgasm.

Wherever you are on your author journey, and however much you think you know about manifestation, this episode is certain to inspire and surprise.

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EPISODE 55: Write to Riches with Renee Rose

Jo: Hello, my friend, welcome to episode 55 of Alchemy for Authors. It is the 3rd of June, 2023 as I record this episode, and I have such a special episode for you this week.

Today I chat with special guest and seven figure best-selling author, Renee Rose, about all things law of attraction and manifestation when it comes to creating the author career of your dreams. So I stumbled across Renee’s book, Write to Riches, earlier in the year and was just absolutely blown away.

I talk a bit about this in this episode, but I’ve been on the manifestation/law of attraction train most of my life, well before The Secret. And Renee’s book is by far my favorite to date on this topic. Even better that it’s specifically written for people like you and I, people who are passionate about writing. So I make no apologies for fan-girling over Renee and her book in this episode.

Some of the things Renee shares with us in this episode are:

  • How Fifty Shades of Grey gave her author career wings.
  • Why loving your books could be the secret ingredient to your success.
  • How to let go of money wounds, money blocks, and limiting beliefs.
  • Why your manifestations may not be working.
  • How to better tune into your intuition.
  • And the power of the Millionaire Orgasm.

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In other news, the Alchemy for Authors podcast is now available to listen to on YouTube. So just in case that’s your preferred channel for consuming podcasts, you will find these episodes there as well. But I know you’re probably as eager as I am to dive into this episode of Alchemy for Authors. Your abundant author career is calling you. So when you are ready, grab a drink, find a comfy chair, sit back and enjoy the show.

Hello, my lovelies. Welcome back to another episode of Alchemy for Authors. Today I am chatting with fifteen times USA Today bestselling romance author Renee Rose. Renee is passionate about helping other authors find and maintain an abundance mindset to catapult their careers and create their best future. She employs energetic tools and techniques to help her client’s clear resistance and money blocks, access their inner guidance and tap into their love and appreciation for their books so they can achieve their dreams. So welcome to the show, Renee. It’s so good to have you here.

Renee: Thank you so much. I’m delighted.

Jo: So there is so much that I want to talk to you about manifestation and the law of attraction and with writing and in the author space and everything. But I was hoping we could start with you sharing just a little bit about how your author journey began and how you set out on this path.

Renee: Sure. So probably like most authors I grew up with my nose in a book, and always thought I would be a writer, but, you know, there wasn’t a super clear path. They don’t teach you in school how to sit down and write a novel. Even though I did get my major in creative writing, it was still more like the only path was academia, you know, sort of not really a, a clear pathway. So I worked as a technical writer for an engineering firm for a while, and then a friend handed me a romance novel and I fell in love.

And I was like completely captivated both by the, you know, the sex, I love the sex and the romance, but also like the happily ever after because that appeal. I was already into law of attraction at that point. And so that appeals to me on many levels cuz that is the like, if they’re defining literary fiction as life sucks, but I learned something. Versus genre fiction is like, there’s a happily ever after. Like, I’d rather dwell on the happily ever after land than the life sucks land, right? Because if I’m creating my future, I wanna be in the, like, orgasms and flowers place, right? Like, I don’t wanna be in the life sucks, but I learned something.

So it just appealed to me on many levels and I sort of instantly was like, I wanna write romance. And started writing my first one, which never saw the light of day, but got me into the flow, and then I discovered my particular jam, which is like the Fifty Shades of Grey, you know, like a little darker. And once I found that I really started getting published and found my niche, so.

Jo: That is so cool. I love that phrase. Because I started off with academic, creative writing program and everything, which is very literary fiction and I felt like I could only succeed the darker I went. And so for my genres they ended up being a little bit of literary fiction. And then gothic suspense because I do like a little bit of the darkness. But I love that, you know, life sucks but I learned something. Cause I’m like, yeah, that is my experience with literary fiction. I always try and have a little bit of the happy ever after with my gothic, you know, you need a little bit, but not to the extent of romance like you were saying. But I hadn’t thought of that connection actually with the law of attraction and manifestation and that outlook of positivity that, yeah, I wonder if maybe then it’s a little bit harder for literary fiction writers and maybe horror writers, or maybe, you know, those of us that go a little bit darker with our writing to sometimes manifest because of that.

Renee: Right. Like, I mean, do you feel like you have to suffer for your art? Like that’s a, you know, that might be a block. Like you have that like, starving artist, the suffering artist. Like all of those things subconsciously might be running in the background, keeping our energy at a level where it’s not creating what we want, you know?

Jo: So, so interesting. Oh my gosh. So you have written this amazing book Write to Riches: Seven Practical Steps to Manifesting Abundance From Your Books. And I was blown away, because I have been into the law of attraction and manifestation my entire life. Like it’s just always been there in the background, well before The Secret and everything like that. And yet there were things that you’ve written in this book that just got me thinking about things so differently than I had before, which was really, really cool. How did you come across this path of the law of attraction and everything? How did that come to you?

Renee: I think I was like you, like long before the secret, totally into it. I guess I started maybe with Abraham Hicks. But I was already, I was already into like mystical and metaphysics, you know, before that, but I just didn’t really have like a hat or a peg to hang my hat on. And then, yeah, Abraham Hicks and The Secret and What the Bleep, and like, you know, followed that whole path. I am a Body Worker and I do energetic healing. So just, I was mostly, that was my entry way. It was like I was more interested in that than manifestation. I was really interested in healing. But they go together, you know? And of course, I ended up having my whole life change once I started really working with energy, you know?

Jo: Yeah, yeah. I find that’s often the entry point looking at body and that. I got into reiki and everything and went through and did all that when I was in my teens, and that really, uh, awoke in me that real solid understanding of energy and the way that energy can move and how you can feel energy and create energy and manipulate energy. So, yes. Yeah.

Renee: Yeah. Yeah. And if you zoom out, like everything’s energy and so if you’re just working with the energetic level, a lot of times you can throw away all your preconceived notions about how things should be, cuz you have a more meta perspective, right, when you’re looking at the energy.

Jo: Yeah. Yeah. That’s cool. So many of my listeners already have an idea, or likely already have an idea of what the law of attraction and that is, and manifestation. But what would your definition be? How would you describe it?

Renee: I guess I’d boil it down to like your thoughts create your reality, right? Mm-hmm. Or your energy creates your reality. So yeah. Like whatever your point of view about something is, like that’s what’ll match. So if you decide it’s gonna be hard, like it’s gonna be hard to write a book, it’ll be hard to write a book, you know? Usually, I mean, sometimes there’s surprises for sure. But like a lot of times, like you’re just pulling in what you expect.

Jo: Yeah. I think that’s completely true, and I’ve experienced that myself. I’ve had some of my darker fiction that has been a real struggle to write and really was like that struggle and that suffering for your art. And I had major burnout at the end of it. And I, and I love it and everything, like I love the book, but it was hard work. And then recently I wrote a completely different genre, but just for fun, just a paranormal cozy, just for fun, because I didn’t want some of that gut wrenching hard stuff that I was so used to putting in my own work. And it was the most joyful, easy experience ever. It really blew me away. So I love it.

Yeah, I totally resonate with that for sure. So how then, just like in a nutshell, how do you think that embracing this idea that your thoughts create your reality can help us as authors and that? Because there are so many of us writers and authors and artists and creatives who want more. Want to be able to make livings from doing what we love. Or, are maybe struggling a little bit with getting the royalties, or the reviews, or the audience for our work, or even those creative blocks and things like that. How can manifestation and the law of attraction and that help us?

Renee: Yeah. Well, I think it’s about like asking. Because a lot of times we have that like, where you don’t even think you deserve to hope or wish for the thing you want, you know? I was lucky I sort of came into this right when Fifty Shades of Grey took off. And so in a way that was like that success story, I was like, oh, here’s someone who was writing fan fiction and she just had a trilogy bought for 99 million dollars, right?

And it’s just so fantastic. And it’s not like the best book on the planet. So then you just go, okay, if it can happen for her, like her stars aligned or whatever, maybe she made the ask. And so I just put out, like right from the beginning I was like, I’m gonna write a Fifty Shades of Grey. I mean, my friends would just laugh me off their seats like, yeah, you are. But you know, I make seven figures now writing my dirty romance. So it’s like I put it out there and, you know, it just was, it was a clear intention. And it took a while for me to believe it was possible, especially cuz my friends were laughing off their chairs, you know?

And so there’s a lot of clearing of like, do I think I deserve it? Are my books worthy? And my early books weren’t, maybe, weren’t worthy, but that’s okay too because like, again, like, I don’t know if that trilogy was worthy of 99, you know? But clearly it was because that’s what it got. So it’s like everywhere you’re judging your books thinking like they’re not good enough yet. It’s not true. Like fan fiction can hit just the highest height. So it’s like all the limitations we put on ourselves. So it’s like ask and then believe, so you’re clearing all your doubts, and then receive is like, you know, feeling worthy, being willing to have the thing you asked for. Because a lot of times it starts coming and then we push it away. Like we go, oh no, not me, or I’m not ready for that. Or, you know, whatever. Like, you don’t, not consciously, but like your energy is pushing it away. So we hold ourselves in place with all of those things.

Jo: You had a good portion of the beginning of your book, Write to Riches, where it talks about money wounds and money blocks and clearing those limiting beliefs. And as I was going through, cuz you give lots of examples in the book and that and I’m like, Ooh, that’s me, that’s me, that’s me. Like I’m ticking them as I’m going, going, oh dear, there’s a lot to get through here. And I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels that way. What is your suggestion then for like, how to go about starting to clear these money blocks or these blocks or limiting beliefs that we have around success? Where do we start?

Renee: Well, the simple exercise that my co-author Lee Savino gave to me, and she and I run a monthly group for authors called Money Magic, where we just get to like, sort of marinate in this stuff together. She had said, work on saying, I love money, until you can do it without feeling icky. Right? Yeah. Because we’re kind of raised to feel like, to think that only bad people love money or like only greedy people love money. Only the villains love money. And so until you can clearly say I love money and mean it and not feel icky, then you know you’ve got some blocks there. Right? And I do go through all the different, like, but we have so many, like, there’s religious blocks, there’s, you know, just mass consciousness around money, so like every villain in every movie is the rich guy, you know? How about the hero who’s like an awesome, rich guy, or like at the end where she like tears up the check. Well, how about she gets to keep that check? Like do we have to reject money to be a good person? No.

Jo: Yeah. Yeah, I remember reading that in your book and you also had another one, not just, I love money, but, I love rich people, because yeah, I think there’s also that thing that, and yeah, I guess maybe it is from the movies or wherever, but a lot of us have adopted that rich people are mean or selfish or snooty or don’t care about everybody else, or all this really, really negative thoughts and that, even though there are so many people out there who are doing just amazing things and giving back.

And I was listening to a podcast just the other day, I think it was, The Cathy Heller podcast, or something like that, and she was talking about how money just amplifies who we are inside. So just like lack of money can also amplify who we are inside. So if we happen to not be a particularly nice person, then money just being energy is, is going to amplify that in whatever way. So if we are a naturally giving person, then even with money that’s gonna continue but be amplified, we’ll have more resources and that, which I thought was cool.

Renee: That totally makes sense. I like that.

Jo: Yeah, yeah, yeah. And you had a really cool quote that I just loved from, I think it was chapter four in your book, and you said, “When you choose abundance for yourself, it becomes more available to everyone else because their energy is in the field. You’re contributing to an abundance consciousness for everyone on the planet.” Can you talk about that? Because that was just wild to me.

Renee: Yeah. So I think like anytime we heal something in ourselves, we make that available, right? So we just manifest it into the physical on earth. And so then that energy, you know, the more people have that energy of being healed of whatever it is, the more available that energy is to everyone to tap into. Right? And that’s why these group calls, when we do our Money Magic calls, or I’m doing an eight week Write to Riches course that starts next week, I think, it’s like that power of the group. So like if one person heals something, then that healing is available for everyone else in the group, and you can tap into it so much more easily because they’re right there with the vibration of it. And so, when you have that idea of like, oh, me being rich harms someone else, cuz I think some people have that, like, I’m taking money out of someone else’s hands if I have it. And that’s not true. And I like to think that like, oh actually you receiving abundance contributes because you are making this abundant mindset, this abundant vibration available to everybody instead of being in scarcity and lack.

Jo: Yeah. I love that. It’s very much about, I guess, who you surround yourself with, right? So when you’re surrounding yourself with other people who are doing the work and keeping their vibe high and abundant and everything, then it’s going to be easier for you to do the same as well.

Renee: It’s so helpful. Yeah. There was a point where I noticed like, I had all these friendships where all we did was talk about problems and I was like, this is not creating what I want. Like I need friends who we talk about possibilities, you know?

Jo: Yeah. Yeah. Oh, I feel that I’ve been there too. It’s so, so important. And I think that also maybe goes back to when you were talking about 50 Shades of Grey, seeing that somebody could have success and how that gave you the confidence that, well, if she can do it, then so can I. Like, I think that’s really important and maybe another example of, you know, looking for that evidence out there in the universe of people creating and manifesting what it is that you desire as well.

Renee: Right. And it’s funny about that book because it made so many authors angry because they went into scarcity with it. Like, well, how, you know, she doesn’t deserve that. Why does she get it, you know, instead of just being like, look what she made possible. She created readers for all of us. It’s like she made something possible. Like there was an energy that she brought in. And so I’m just grateful for it, you know, like I’m not gonna throw stones and feel jealous or whatever that is.

Jo: I think that’s wonderful. And I’ve often thought that sometimes jealousy can be a good thing because jealousy is a sign of what we’re yearning for and most desire and where our blocks are as well, so…

Renee: Exactly. That’s so true. Yeah.

Jo: Yeah. So you are a seven figure author. Is this stuff easy for you now or do you find that sometimes that scarcity thinking or you know, those money blocks and that rear ugly heads again, how is this for you?

Renee: Yeah, I mean, I’m just always still clearing. Like, I had a release a couple weeks ago that did not go as expected, and I had to, you know, and the voice, I could hear the voice over here that’s go, you know, trying to tell me things and I was like, I’m not listening to you. Like you are not helpful. And I’m just gonna like, let it ride and release my expectations and not go into drama and trauma over it. And know that every book has its time and there’s ebbs and flows and just sort of releasing all my expectations about it. And just keep with my desire, which is to continue to grow my business.

Jo: Yeah. So what would you suggest for a way that people can go about releasing? I think you had quite a few suggestions in your book, but what do you think is maybe one of the simplest ways to start when we become clear of some of those thoughts and limitations that are holding us back? How do we let those go? How do we get rid of them?

Renee: Yeah. So I mean, the most, it’s like obvious, and it’s like overly obvious, but like actually just your choice. So just being like, I am not going to function from this belief anymore is like the most important. And I had an aha after I wrote the book. There was parts that I just kept trying to clear and clear more of the less of like the money blocks, but more of like the actual core wounds. And I realized it’s like I couldn’t clear them because they’re actually me. Those are variations of me that are feeling not worthy, not good enough, and so you can’t clear like a part of yourself. And so lately what I’ve been playing more with is like, you know, hug and a kiss on the forehead to that part of me that thinks I’m not worthy. And go like, actually you are. Like a little conversation with myself, like, you are worthy. That’s a lie that whatever you’re believing is not true, and I’ve got you, and you don’t need to worry about this. We’ve got it. Like the universe has our back. And so sort of like pulling it in instead of pushing it away seems to be working better for me lately.

Jo: Oh, I like that. So it’s almost like just, yeah, accepting.

Renee: Like embracing, yeah.

Jo: Yeah. Yeah. I like that. The thought that came to mind as you were saying that is thinking of ourselves as a little child, you know? And how when a child’s upset we don’t berate them for being upset, you know? We want to try and make them feel better and remind them that things are gonna get better and it’s okay to feel this way, but you know, they’re not bad people or anything like that. And so it’s kind of seeing ourselves in that way and giving ourselves that same kind of compassion and everything.

Renee: Loving yourself through it versus going like, okay, enough of that. You know? Which sometimes I do feel like, okay, enough of that, but that actually doesn’t help cuz then I’m just creating more of a push-pull. Right?

Jo: Yeah, for sure. One of the things, and I don’t know why this hit me so hard, but one of the things in your book that really just stood out for me, and it’s makes such common sense, and again, I just don’t know why it was this thing that kind of slapped me in the face, but you talked about the power of loving your books. It’s such a simple common sense idea that, you know, as authors we should love our books. And yet it really hit me hard because I’m like, oh my gosh, that’s one of the things where I write my books and I love writing them, and I go through all the editing process and I go through all the publishing process. And then by the end of it, when it’s published and out there in the world, I don’t look at them again. And there’s a real resistance for me to look at them again. And so obviously that’s one of the things that I need to work on. But can you talk a little bit about what you mean by loving your books and the power that that can have in transforming your author career?

Renee: Yeah. If someone asks me for author advice, this is the one I always give because, you know, love is a really powerful energy. And so when you’re in the space of love for your book, I think our fear is that like we think we’re supposed to be super critical and judgemental of our book, and then ,that’s gonna make it better. Yeah. But in fact, when you’re in the space of love, it like opens things up and then you may see things that need to be improved. Like let’s say you’re still working on your book, not it’s done, but like you’re still working on your book. Work in progress. But you’re in the space of love for the story, and then you actually see like, oh actually I need to cut this. I need to do this. But you’re in a such a state of allowance and love that it’s like a generative energy versus when you’re in that state of judgment, it just collapses everything. And that’s where you get the writer’s block and you can’t figure out what happens next and you hate the book. And you know, like when you’re in that horrible, not generative space is because you’re judging something. And so same thing when it’s a finished product and you’re launching it into the world. Just your love is powerful. And so like if your love, if you’re launching it into the world with love, the readers are gonna pick up that energy and they’re gonna love it too. If you launch it out with judgment, I betcha you get a bunch of bad reviews because they’ll match with your judgment. So you wanna be in that space of what’s fabulous about the book, and then that’ll attract all the readers who are also gonna love that and find that fabulous as well.

Jo: I just found that so powerful, that whole idea of really taking the time and energy and making sure that you are, yeah, loving on your book, loving on the work that you created and everything, and you’ve got some cool little success stories in your book too, of how that really helped yourself and other authors as well.

Renee: It’s magic. Like, yeah, lots of people post about getting Bookbubs when they follow that vibe, you know?

Jo: Yeah. Yeah. I just thought that is so cool and something that I’ve realized was a big limitation that I was putting on myself because I think there was a little bit of like, oh yeah, I love my book. I’m putting it out in the world and then I’m kind of like too scared to do too much with it because, I don’t know. But yeah, I thought that was really cool, just spending more time actually being grateful for the work that you’ve created and its energy and putting it out there in the world and standing by it when you hit publish and it’s out in the world as well. That’s cool.

Renee: Yeah, cuz it does, I mean, it has its own energy and it takes on a life of its own. And so, like you loving on it, it does give it wings. It allows it to float and soar more. Because you’re contributing to it instead of like dragging it down with expectations or judgements or whatever.

Jo: Yeah, that was so cool. And you talked also a lot about the power of your intuition and listening to your intuition and following its guidance for marketing and for writing and from everything to even choosing what you wear in the morning, which was really cool. And you had so many great ideas for how you can listen to your intuition through different things like journaling and pendulum and muscle testing and everything like that. Where do you suggest people maybe start, if they’re kind of new or a little bit untrusting of their intuition? Where do you think people start with beginning to tune into themselves a bit better or what’s best for their book?

Renee: I mean, journaling’s my favorite because my audience are writers. I’m guessing they’re already, you know, pick up a pen and paper a lot, right? So it’s like, I feel like that’s such an easy way. And if, especially if you do it like first thing in the morning or like when you’re just really open, you can ask a question and then just see what shows up. Like that’s, to me, that’s like such an easy way. But another like really simple way is just to think light or heavy about something. Like, you know, you’re making a choice, like, does it feel light in my body? Or does it feel like, ugh, like it hits like a rock in your body, like, ugh, heavy. And so then you can just choose that way, like light or heavy. Or like I say, journaling gives me like sometimes really surprising, amazing answers.

Jo: Yeah. Yeah. And you had so many fantastic journaling prompts in your book. And I was saying this to you at the very beginning, but this is not a book, Write to Riches is not a book that you can skim through. It’s definitely something that you need to take your time and do the work and do the writing prompts and everything that you have put there. Because even just reading them, I can see how powerful they are. But you need to commit time to it for sure. So I’m really excited to go back and really dive in deep into that, which is gonna be fun.

So as far as getting to the point where we trust what’s coming through, because I know sometimes it’s easy for us when we’re trying to listen to our intuition and we’re doing the journaling, and we might have those, you know, little bursts of inspiration, and then that self-doubt creeps in. Do you have any suggestions for dealing with that when we’re on the fence about actually listening to the inspiration that we’re getting coming through?

Renee: Yeah, I know what you mean. Like where you start questioning, like, was that intuition or am I just um. I think one way to know if it’s really intuition is if it drops into your head and it wasn’t connected to the previous thoughts. Like when an idea just drops in, that’s when you know, it’s like divinely inspired, right? So you’re like taking a walk and you weren’t thinking about it and then suddenly you have this idea. Then that’s one way to know that that was your gut speaking. And then also you could go back to the light or heavy, like when you think about doing the thing that you think your gut’s telling you to do, does it feel light or does it feel heavy? And then go with that.

Jo: Yeah. I liked how you also, and I guess this comes from your background in the healing modalities and everything, but quite often you are bringing things back to your body. And how listening to our body, it’s not just, um, Yeah, with the law of attraction and manifestation that sometimes we can get a little bit caught in our head, in our imaginations as we’re visualizing and that, and yet our body has so much to say as well. Can you talk a little bit about that? You’ve talked a little bit about that heaviness or a lightness in your body, but also what’s the power of your body in helping you to manifest?

Renee: Yeah. Well, if you think about it, like our body is, um, like if we were trying to manifest money or abundance, our body will be the recipient of that, right? Because our being doesn’t really care. Like our being is in this body, on this physical earth right now. So it’s like for this body, yeah, that you would manifest anything physical. So, you know, if you wanted a nicer car, it’s for your body. If you wanted a nicer house, it’s for your body, you know, like the nicer food is gonna be for your body. And even like a successful career is for this body in this lifetime, right? Your being, maybe your being wants a successful career, but it could try it in another lifetime. Or you know, like, who knows? So including your body in your ask and listening to your, cuz your body actually knows, right? Like your body has wisdom beyond what your mental capacities know. I don’t know if it’s true, but they say your body can like predict the future up to five years. Like it’ll have this knowing, which might be like when you meet your life partner and your body just seems to know, right? Because it was already ahead of you.

I just had that recently. That’s why I gave that example, but

Jo: Oh my gosh. So cool.

Renee: Yeah. Like first date and I was like, oh, my whole body just went like, just relaxed, like, just like soothed to be in this man’s presence, you know? So when you have that, like if we really listen, your body has a wisdom that, that you can access.

Jo: Yeah. Oh, I love that.

Renee: And it can help you. It can be like an antenna to receive, to receive whatever you’re trying to manifest. So-

Jo: I thought that was so cool and speaks again to the whole idea of why we need to look after our bodies so that we can receive its messages a little bit better as well. And something that I thought was really cool that you included in your book when we were talking about the body and that, is also the power of sex and everything like that if you’re trying to focus on a goal or a dream or a manifestation or something. If it turns you on, then you’re kind of in the right energy. Right?

Renee: Exactly.

Jo: If it’s feeling a bit flat, well then you need to do something about that.

Renee: Yeah, we can feel that turn on, like, it can be sexual. Your body gets turned on when you’re thinking about it and that tells you that yeah, that you’re on the right, you’re in a generative space, right? Because literally like our sexuality was to create humans, right? To create life. And so it’s also still our creative center. It’s our creative abode. And so we can use it. And today on Money Magic, on our call, our monthly call, one of the members said that she used that and her dance company was looking for a new home, and so she asked like at the moment of orgasm. Like sent out her ask for $10,000 donation and they got it and she was like, it worked. And so I gave the assignment today. I was like, everybody go home or wherever, maybe they’re already home, and have a millionaire orgasm today. You know? And everyone was like, I volunteer.

Jo: I absolutely love that. When I read that, it was just like, Oh yes, this is just awesome. I love that and yes, the fact that you call it a millionaire orgasm, yeah, was just perfect. And it totally makes sense when you break it down and you know that sex energy and everything and that moment of orgasm, that’s that creative energy being released from your root chakra and everything like that, so it makes sense.

Renee: You might as well put it to good use, right? I mean, not that, not that ordinary orgasms aren’t good use. They are, of course. But you know, if you’re trying to bring in something big, you might as well use that generative energy, right, for your ask. Yeah.

Jo: Absolutely. So there’s a tip for all the listeners out there. If you’re struggling with your manifestations, you know what you’ve got to do now.

Renee: And self-pleasure works. You know, it all counts.

Jo: That’s right. And there’s also something to be said, well, we talk about it a lot in the sphere of creating abundance and manifestation and everything about being in that energy of joy. So being in that high vibe energy of being in joy and being happy and, you know, like orgasms, you can’t be sad and have an orgasm, right? So…

Renee: Right? Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. And you’re including your body. You’re in a joyful Yeah. Like, it’s like it works on all levels, you know?

Jo: Yeah. I love that. I love that. I just, so this is what I mean by going through your book and you were hitting on things that I hadn’t seen written down in other law of attraction books, which was really cool. They’re things that had passed through my mind before, but there’s something to be said by actually having them written down in a place that brings it home. It’s fantastic. I love it.

So what about for those people who are out there and they’re like, well, I love the law of attraction and I get how it works. And you ask and you believe, and you, you know, use affirmations and visualization, all the rest of it, and it’s just not working. So what do you say to those people who are struggling or feel like it’s just not working for them, or it doesn’t work for them? What do you think?

Renee: Sometimes I think there’s divine timing involved. Yeah. And so sometimes I say like, it’s what’s needed here is just a tincture of time. Because we’re looking at like quantum entanglements. So like the universe is like, you sent out your ask, the universe is working on delivering it to you. But there may be like all these different things that have to happen to make it, and probably the universe is working on several different possibilities to bring you the thing. And so sometimes it’s just like trusting that it is coming. And I had that, like when I was trying to get pregnant, it was like three years of sort of near desperation. Like I just was, I just made myself miserable. I had a miscarriage, I couldn’t get pregnant and then I had a miscarriage and you know, it was just like this whole time. And I went to go see psychics and they always just said like the baby is waiting for her right timing. And I was like, no, no, the time’s now I want this baby now. You know? Like, no, no. Like I had my own timing and it was not my daughter’s timing. She had a different idea and she wanted to be born in 2005, not sooner, you know? Not when I wanted her in 2002. And so I always say like, if I could look back and just give my 30 year old self a huge hug and be like, she is coming. She is coming like, you know, like the joy now, like, I don’t mind at all that she came in 2005. Now that I have her, I don’t care when she came, she’s perfect, right?

But it’s like kind of like finding that trust, like knowing it will happen. And I heard this story and I wish I knew who it was, but the story’s kind of second-hand, like a coach had told it to me, but where she was listening to an interview of this actress who kind of got this hit. She was trying to make it, trying to make it, trying to make it. And then she got the intuitive hit that like, it won’t be until you’re like 66, and it was like a long time, that you’re gonna hit it. And then so instead of being upset by that, it was almost like, you know, when you’re like you think you have cancer and then you get to live longer. She just started living every day, its beautiful. You know, she stopped striving. She knew it was gonna come when she was 67 or whatever it was. She trusted that and just lived her days beautifully. And then it did happen much later as predicted.

So I just think if we could be there instead of the striving, it’s that striving that then ends up becoming a repellent to what we’re asking for, right? Yeah. So if you could just like let go of that and bring in the trust and that’s that sort of receiving piece, like that’s where we start pushing something away instead of receiving it in is when we’re going why isn’t it here yet?

Jo: I’ve heard that called manic manifesting too, and we’re doing all the things, but it’s coming from the energy of lack because we need it and we need it now.

Renee: It’s like that desperation in there.

Jo: Yeah and then it just slows everything down and repels it. And I would say, as far as manifestation and that goes, that is probably the key part of it all and maybe the hardest part is actually that letting go.

Renee: Yes. Yeah. Yeah. The surrender piece, right? Yeah.

Jo: Yeah. Yeah. And just believing that it’s coming to you and staying in that energy if it takes a little bit longer than your expectations are. So I definitely think that is the trickiest part of the puzzle.

Renee: Yeah, and like knowing that you don’t have to grind it out and make it happen, like your ask was enough. And then you just follow the breadcrumbs that the universe sends to you, you know? So that’s that surrender. Like, you know, you show up the way, you know when, if you get called, like you’ll know when you get the nudge. Like, do this, do that, and then you show up. You don’t go, oh, no, I don’t know. I don’t think this is for me. Like you don’t do the unworthy thing. You show up when you’re supposed to show up, but you don’t, you also don’t have to make it happen.

Jo: Yeah. And I like that because you had a part in your book, you were talking about being a little bit of a workaholic and I totally resonate with that. That’s a big thing for me that I need to work on. And you had the reminder in the book about you don’t need to work hard to be successful. Like we sometimes think that to make our dreams and our goals and everything come true, we need to just work harder and harder. Right? Or more, or put in more hours and everything like that. But manifesting and that can be easy. Can you talk a little bit about that? Because when I created this podcast, it was for that reason, in that I wanted to talk with people like yourself who have this belief that being an author and having an author career and that it doesn’t have to be hard. We don’t have to live in burnout to get there. So yeah. What’s your thoughts on that? Cause I know you’ve put a piece in your book about. Sometimes we work harder than we need to.

Renee: I mean, I think that we do, we equate hard work to success. And you know, again, that’s mass consciousness. Maybe the way we’re raised. I mean, maybe just like personality, like I do have like kind of a fiery personality, like a drive, drive, drive, and I have to just constantly remind myself like I could receive abundance simply for being, not for the things I do or even the books I write, but like, just because I ask for it. And that’s enough. You know, just remembering like, I’m enough. Like so, so some of that goes back to core wound, like do I think I’m not enough unless I’m working hard and writing 10 books a year? Am I enough now? Am I enough now that I make seven figures? Like when do I think I’m enough? And if I can really like sink into I’m enough right now. And I am worthy of abundance right now, whether I write another book or not. Ooh. That makes me shiver a little bit. So that’s the universe going, you got it, you’re on the right track there. Like if I, you know, whether I write another book or not, I’m worthy of abundance. I’m worthy of everything I ask for.

And there is a wonderful case study in that book of an author who, she really reached burnout. She had a lot of anxiety, and so she just like backed herself out of everything. And then suddenly, like all the magic started happening for her. Like all the synchronicities, all the, you know, like just everything just opened and bloomed. And so I love that story. Yeah. And I’m hopeful, like, I think it’s happening for me right now. Like I’ll have to report back maybe in six months. But three months ago I got into this new relationship and I suddenly like just couldn’t care less about sitting down and writing like just, yeah. And, you know, the, that little voice that wants to pester me is like you better get back to writing. You’re gonna screw yourself here. And yet, I still couldn’t make myself care. And the universe sent me, like, I have three different co-authors who stepped forward to say like, Hey, I’ll take the lead on this. I’ll take the lead on that. I’ll take basically, so like, freed up my time so that I could just, you know, enjoy. Yeah. Relax, enjoy my new love. And the books are still getting written and I’m not doing the work and it’s amazing. So I feel like just really just trusting that you don’t have to. And then not having guilt about it, right? Like not having guilt. It’s the guilt and the shame I think that becomes the repellent again. So if you’re in worthiness then it can come.

Jo: Yeah. I think that’s so powerful. And that case study that you had as well. As I was reading it and this woman was talking about all the things that she was letting go of, I felt myself getting anxious for her. Like, oh my gosh, but you know, like the more that you drop, like how are you gonna keep things going? And so I could feel that in myself because obviously that’s the way my brain ticks over and an area that I need to work on too. And yet the rewards for her just kept coming. And just like in your story right now too, that the universe provides when we have that trust.

Renee: Yeah. And I hadn’t, we didn’t even ask for it. But the universe was like, Hey, you wanna go spend time with your new man? I will take care of you.

Jo: Yeah. Yeah. That was so cool. There is just so much that I could talk to you about this stuff because like I said, your book is amazing. It’s like, I would say, just right up there with the best law of attraction manifestation book that I have read, and particularly because it is directed for authors and writers. I mean, it would work for, it works for everybody. Anybody, right, can take these things that you’ve talked about in your book and implement them in their lives in whatever way. But coming from that author background and everything, it just really resonated with me and I just thought it was so amazing. So I’m so appreciative of you putting that out in the world and us being able to talk today too is so cool. So cool.

Renee: Awesome. I’m so glad that it resonated.

Jo: Yeah. So then just to wrap up here, what are you working on now then? So you’ve got so many different romance books and everything out there and co-authors, and you’ve got all these communities and that, that are helping authors with that abundance mindset and everything, so what do you have going on right now?

Renee: Yeah, so I’m about to launch an eight-week course following the seven steps in Write to Riches plus a bonus week. And it follows the book. It’s material from the book, but then we do a weekly Zoom. And that’s really where the magic happens because you get the group together and like, like I said, when you have that, the group resonating, the space for everyone to heal and to generate becomes just multiplied. Like we all contribute to each other. So I love it, I’m really looking forward to it cuz it’s a really beautiful space. And then I have with my co-author Lee, we have a monthly call that can be joined just $39 a month to join. It’s called Money Magic. It’s mostly authors, but we’re opening it up to any creator, because like you said, the laws apply to anybody, right? Of course our examples are authorly, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t apply to anything.

Jo: That’s amazing, and just thinking ahead to when this episode goes out and it will probably be just in another few weeks. We’re in May at the moment, so maybe in June. So if people miss this round of your eight-week course, how often do you release it through the year? Is it just once a year?

Renee: I think I did it twice. This is my second time this year. So I don’t know if I’ll do it twice next year but there’ll be a waiting list again if they wanna sign up.

Jo: Perfect. Perfect. I’ll make sure if you’ve got the link or something for a waiting list, yes, I’ll make sure that’s in the show notes and then people can sign up and I will probably be doing the same because like I said, I love your book so much.

So how can people connect with you then? What’s the easiest way for them to get in touch and find out about your courses and that?

Renee: So I would love for everyone to join the Facebook group. It’s called Author Abundance Central. And then it says, and it’s like Write to Riches, but if you look for Author Abundance Central. And it’s just like a wonderful, supportive group. And so I always post announcements in there and then once you’re in there, you could sign up for my newsletter and stuff like that. So it’s got all the info.

Jo: Wonderful. And for all those readers out there who are romance readers and that, and you’ve got a website that they can find your books on?

Renee: Yep. https://reneeroseromance.com.

Jo: Yes. Perfect. Fantastic. And I’ll make sure that all those links are in the show notes too. It has been so amazing chatting with you, Renee. Thank you so much for coming on the show and sharing all this wonderful, wonderful manifestation, magic and everything.

Renee: Yeah. Thanks so much for having me.

Jo: So I told you this was a great episode. I hope that you’re feeling as inspired and excited as I am to take charge and manifest the author career of your dreams. Here are some takeaways from today’s show:

1. At its core manifestation is about aligning your energy, beliefs, and thoughts with the reality you want to create.

2. Clearing away and healing money wounds, blocks and limitations is an ongoing process. Even as a seven figure author.

3. Money amplifies who we are on the inside. So if you’re a good person, you’ll do good things with your money, and you’ll have the resources to give back to others.

4. When you choose abundance for yourself, you make it more available for other people.

5. Tune into your intuition by journaling or by paying attention to how your body feels. Is there a lightness or heaviness to it?

6. Striving is a repellent for manifestation. The most important part of the manifestation process is to let go and trust.

7. Hard work does not equate to success.

8. Capitalize on the moment of orgasm to amplify your manifestations.

9. Love your books. This alone can be one of the most impactful things you can do for your author career.

So I would love to hear what your biggest aha moment from this episode was. As always, you can connect with me on Instagram @alchemyforauthors or join my Facebook group by the same name. If you sign up to my newsletter, you’ll receive a free PDF of tips and tricks for manifesting for authors. And I will make sure to leave the link to that in the show notes.

As I mentioned in this episode’s intro, my new paranormal cozy, Hades’s Haunt will be launching soon. So, if you want to stay in the loop with that, if that’s of interest for you, you can sign up to my author newsletter at https://jobuer.com. But all links, of course, are also in the show notes.

Finally, if you enjoyed this episode, rating and reviewing as always appreciated, but I also highly recommend you grab yourself a copy of Renee’s book Write to Riches. It is truly life-changing. So until next time, I’m wishing you a wonderful week of writing and manifesting your dreams. Bye for now.

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