Poignant, haunting, and deliciously dark.

Grab a blanket, hot drink, and maybe some tissues, and settle in for five compelling short stories by gothic suspense author, Jo Buer, including:


Everything that dies comes back… someday.

While reconnecting with old friends, a mysterious voice and chilling song force a woman to confront her tragic past.


Tick, tick, tick. The red hand tiptoes round the face. Six o’clock. Time to begin.

A man with sinister intentions watches a librarian go about her tasks.


If you can’t see them, they can’t see you…

A young girl tries to make sense of her grandmother’s death, and her grandpa’s actions thereafter.


Something nags at you. Something snarls and snaps and nips at your insides, making you pause…

A teenage girl comes home from school to find that something unsettling has changed in her parents’ demeanours.


The river remembers us as we remember it: the canoeing, the swimming, the paddling… It even remembers the drowning.

But how much is memory, and how much is imagination? And can intuition really precede death?

Voices is Jo Buer’s second collection of short stories. If you enjoy thrilling escapades into the many facets of grief and uncovering beauty in darkness, then you’ll love this new anthology.

Poignant, haunting, and deliciously dark. Pick up Voices today!

Voices: A Collection of Short Stories

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