Unspoken Truths

How far will one small town go to bury a haunting truth?


Gwendolyn Davies is determined to make it on her own. In the sleepy little village of Te Tapu, she accepts a teaching position and finds love with a local farmer. Yet, behind the closed doors of the boarding house where she resides, terror reigns and secrets stack up.

Tortured. Imprisoned. Threatened. 

Gwen’s only hope to survive is to risk her love, job and reputation, and escape before the secret she carries destroys them all.

Present Day

Riley Cooper is thrilled to win a teaching position at Te Tapu School until she learns of the town’s dark history. 

An unsolved murder.

A mystery Te Tapu is eager to bury. 

Unnerved by the discovery, Riley sets out to uncover the secrets others would kill to keep hidden. The voices of the dead refuse to be silenced, leaving Riley with an unforgiving choice. 

What is she willing to pay to bring the truth to light? Her life… or her sanity? 

A thrilling and compelling tribute to Wuthering Heights, and for fans of Barbara Erskine, Susanna Kearsley and Shani Struthers.

Journey into the gothic suspense found in Te Tapu, and discover what Unspoken Truths are buried there! 

“Spine tingling, tear jerking and fabulous!”

Unspoken Truths

Available in eBook and Paperback.