Rest Easy Resort

A cursed resort and unsettled ghosts will put one relationship to the ultimate test. 

Hannah O’Connor wants to enjoy her honeymoon at the newly revived Rest Easy Resort with her true love by her side. Instead, her new husband is spending every moment on his phone, wrapped up in business calls and oblivious to the darkness closing in. 

Hannah fills her time exploring the resort and inadvertently awakens an ancient curse that swirls and lashes in an ominous threat against everyone in its wake. Caught in a disorientating slip through time, Hannah finds herself faced with an impossible choice between love… and death. 

Lives are in jeopardy. Marital bliss threatened by the hauntingly surreal. Will Hannah make the ultimate sacrifice to save those she loves?

Rest Easy Resort is the gripping debut novel of Jo Buer. If you like Barbara Erskine, Susanna Kearsley, and Shani Struthers, then you’ll love this haunting, gothic love story. 

“An awesome read! Gripping storyline. A hard book to put down.”

Rest Easy Resort